Are Your Kids Addicted to Social Media? Start Taking Stock

Did you know Social media is a stimulant and people easily form addictions to the fast paced world of posts? This addiction might be the “new health issue of the 21st Century”, and many of today’s children, teenagers and adults (yes, adults!) suffer from it.

Here are a few warning signs if you think your child is addicted to social media:

  • Does your child prefer keyboards over face-to-face interactions?
  • Do they have “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) anxieties when they aren’t allowed on social media?
  • Have you noticed slipping grades or interest in activities?
  • Do they have trouble sleeping or waking up?
  • Are they withdrawing from family and friends?

If your child is exhibiting a few of these symptoms, he/she may have formed an addiction to social media.

Showing an interest in our children and organizing offline activities may be enough to curb an addiction. Parents can lead by example and reclaim family time. Designate “no phone zones” in the home and keep phones out of bedrooms. Rescue family meals and designate a time to power down every day.

Parents can guide children on the “social playground” by monitoring a child’s Internet usage. Use this time to bond by discussing web sites and apps to reinforce safe social media skills. Hopefully, it won’t take a downed helicopter to notice your children have become addicted to social media.


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